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This Etsy Christmas Commercial Gives A Green Light To Racism

An Etsy commercial featured a black grandfather getting upset over a white Santa Claus in a shopping mall. The ad in question featured no dialog from the actors but the body language spoke a thousand words.

The commercial starts with a wide shot of the father, grandfather, and young son. Everyone appears to be in line at a shopping mall during Christmas. The camera cuts to a closeup of the grandfather’s face as he looks at several random items that all feature pictures of Santa Claus. The young son peeks at his grandfather then takes him by the arm to go take a picture with Santa. The camera zooms out and the grandfather doesn’t look very pleased. And that’s putting it lightly.

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The next scene is of the same family exchanging presents on Christmas morning. The young boy presents the grandfather with a gift. The elderly man opens it and inside is a Christmas stocking featuring the face of a black Santa. Everyone smiles and the commercial ends with some dialog from a narrator: “give more than a gift.”

Although the actors did not speak in the commercial, the message is crystal clear. The grandfather did not like the images of Santa Claus that he saw on the random items in the mall. Nor did he like the Santa his grandson made him take a picture with. And the reason for that is that all of the images were white. He gained satisfaction once presented with an item that featured a black Santa.

Imagine if this commercial were the other way around. What if a white person in a majority-black mall with black Santas everywhere were to give off negative body language at the depictions of Santa. Then if he was gifted a “standard” white Santa Claus at home, he became happy. The entire world would have to stand up and take notice of the obvious racism from a major company like Etsy.

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The reason why the “black Santa” commercial is ok is because of how the world views the black American population. Mainstream media and political types paint them as children that must be coddled as such. Adult men, even grandfathers such as the man depicted in the ad, must exist in a perpetual state of infancy. Typical things like personal accountability for one’s own actions cease to exist in that paradigm. Racism is seen as justified indignation due to past harms as if no other racial group has experienced the same. This “hall pass” to behave inappropriately is racism in itself.

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  1. How can you be upset over something that isn’t real any how? There is no one santa so this means the color of santa is the same as the one giving gifts.

  2. My favorite Easter Bunny is the chocolate colored one. What ethnicity is the tooth fairy? Are ogres really green? All vitally important information for the “woke” to be aware of.

  3. Folks, racism goes both ways, and this commercial only promotes it further. I’ve bought a lot of items from Etsy, and know people who market their products on there, but I will NEVER buy another item from them. When you promote any race like this, THAT is racism! There has not been an issue like this for decades, and now its an issue again? Ridiculous. Stop stirring the pot folks, and let us continue to love each other as we have for decades. Any race can find ‘racism’ if you look hard enough.

  4. Obviously, someone with a brain and a heart has to explain this commercial to you “reverse racism” parrots. I man grows into his old age, year after year, generation after generation, never seeing images of himself represented. And why not? It’s a fictitious character, right? Then one day, someone makes a Santa that looks like him — just because. Representation matters. There’s no reason for Santa to be always represented as white except that it’s always been done that way. Until the day it isn’t. Until the day you see yourself and someone like you represented in the magic of Christmas and you no longer feel excluded or like an outside will you understand. There will always be a white Santa. But can there be a Black Santa and an Asian Santa and a Latino Santa, too? Yes! Yes, there is room.

  5. It just so happens that the underhanded race-peddling ETSY is a huge supporter of none other than known race-hater George Soros, and is funded by the sly minority-hater with mega bucks. Like Joe Biden, Soros has a very history and rep of detesting all non-whites while using them for his evil purposes and to push his sinister agendas. Add the fact that the ‘ideas-sharing’ PINTEREST promotes the Etsy-Soros creed of annihilating all blacks and non-whites with bogus ads, promotions, and phony pandering infomercials.

  6. All are welcome to participate/celebrate in traditional European Cultural events. Please respect the culture and heritage while doing so. Everything is NOT about you and you do not get to change our traditions or culture. This commercial does NOT respect the spirit of Yule/Christmas.

  7. Woke Santa lives at the equator. Silverbacks nurse the wounds of runaway elves. Free stuff comes from sweatshops and craters.

  8. “Then one day, someone makes a Santa that looks like him — just because. Representation matters. ”
    The implication that white people are some how doing something wrong by depicting their characters as resembling themselves in countries where they are dominate is the issue. When I was in Korea I didn’t blame Koreans for not having enough white characters on TV. I would think it odd to expect the Chinese to depict the Monkey King as white to make us feel included or for people in India to represent Shiva or Hanuman as white. In fact, wouldn’t we be considered racist for going to those countries and depicting their characters as white? I’m sure in Africa, black Santas are much more common. Why are white people in predominately white countries uniquely blamed for creating art that depicts people who look like us?


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