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Megan Rapinoe Allegedly Bullied Teammates Into Kneeling On The Field

US Women’s Soccer Team “star” player Megan Rapinoe allegedly bullies teammates into kneeling on the field for social justice causes. Throughout the past few years, there have been various social issues that leftists have protested to highlight. An obvious issue that these people like to protest about is the death of George Floyd. Before that, there was just the issue of police brutality in general. Colin Kaepernick made kneeling on the field in protest of the US flag due to police brutality extremely popular. This caused athletes across sports to adopt the practice of kneeling during the National Anthem to “stand” in solidarity with social justice activists.

Megan Rapinoe was one of the first, if not the first, women’s soccer players to start kneeling on the field. She did this to the delight of far-leftists but to the chagrin of conservative commentators and casual sports observers. Rapinoe’s teammates began to join in on her demonstrations. Other nations occasionally joined Rapinoe’s protest when the USWNT began their road to the 2020 Summer Olympics. The toxic ideology of protesting against one’s own state spread to other countries essentially doing the same.

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Someone on the outside looking into this madness may think everyone protesting is doing so voluntarily. That is not necessarily the case. One of Rapinoe’s former teammates, Hope Solo, paints a different picture. Solo says that Rapinoe would basically “bully” teammates into kneeling. She says that Rapinoe has her own way of protesting against certain issues and kneeling was one tactic she used that not everyone feels comfortable with. It is worth noting that there may be bad blood between Solo and Rapinoe due to a 2016 contract dispute over equal pay with the Men’s National Team.

Grievances over cash aside, it does make sense that Rapinoe could bully teammates into kneeling. After all, she is the star player on the team. A fringe player on the verge of being cut may think complying with Rapinoe could secure their spot on the roster. It is the equivalent of the guy at the end of the LA Lakers’ bench refusing to get along with LeBron James. LeBron is not in charge of hiring and firing but at the same time he is. If the Lakers are going to sign one of the top players in the game, LeBron may not hold much veto power over that. But if it comes down to a replaceable player who LeBron hates, then that player will probably not make the team just based on that relationship (or lack thereof).

Rapinoe’s alleged bullying should come as a surprise to no one. It is not much different than a corporate workplace. Imagine if a person is outed as a Trump supporter in an office full of hardcore Biden supporters. The lone “wolf” may be totally alienated from the workplace culture or eventually forced out of the company altogether. This same thought process applies to not only the US Women’s Soccer Team and corporate workplaces, but to other professional sports teams as well. Both men and women. So the next time a player is spotted on the field kneeling – ask this question. Is there an invisible gun to their head or are they doing this because it is how they truly feel?

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