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MSNBC Reporter Quotes Rap Lyrics To Push A Certain Agenda

An MSNBC reporter quoted a few rap lyrics from the 1990s in what appears to be an attempt to push his political agenda. The reporter (Ari Melber is known for doing this like this. Some may see it as a sort of dry humor. In reality, he often quotes rap lyrics in an attempt to bridge them to a particular political narrative. In this case, he uses lyrics from the rapper Biggie Smalls called “What’s Beef”. The original song was about violence between people on the street over disagreements. Melber used the lyrics to bridge the warning of “ending up in the ICU” to the virus.

The lower third of Melber’s “what’s beef” piece referred to vaccine hesitancy. It is a well-known fact that blacks and Hispanics are the most vaccine-hesitant racial groups in the United States. So the question here is fairly obvious. Is Ari Melber simply trying to stay on-brand by quoting rap lyrics during a news show or is he trying to engage in minority outreach? After all, this wouldn’t be the first time rap has been used in an attempt to increase the very low minority (especially black) vaccination rate. Only 28% of adults aged 18-44 in New York are fully vaccinated.

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Speaking of New York, Senator Chuck Schumer recently got on stage and rapped a little bit. The context of Schumer’s performance is not totally clear but surely it wasn’t just random and unplanned. Maybe the thought process of program directors at MSNBC and political leaders like Chuck Schumer is outdated or simply racist. To think that “spitting a few bars” will convince minorities away from their hesitation to get a vaccine is foolish. The focus should be on revealing actual information and debunking any information that is false. If that cannot be done, then trying to engage in frivolous entertainment culture is nothing more than a waste of time and money.


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