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Merrick Garland Complains About Voting Rights At Black Church

Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a warning of sorts to a predominantly black church in Selma, Alabama, over the issue of voting rights. Garland was most likely in town to commemorate “Bloody Sunday” with others in the administration, including Kamala Harris, who gave a short talk and presented herself for a photo-op. The speech was laden with typical left-wing tropes meant to frighten people on the left. Conservative politicians typically speak about preserving the right to vote by limiting access to mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, and requiring identification. These issues are considered problematic roadblocks to voting by the left. Therefore, Garland identified these issues as threats.


U.S. Attorney General speaks at Selma church service – YouTube

Merrick Garland’s ‘Bloody Sunday’ speech addressed the elephant in the room

AG Garland in Selma pledges to fight voter ID laws, election integrity measures | Fox News

US attorney general tells Bloody Sunday service ‘the right to vote is under attack’ | Merrick Garland | The Guardian

Merrick Garland blasts voter ID requirements as ‘discriminatory’ and ‘unnecessary’

Merrick Garland slams voter ID laws as ‘discriminatory’ and ‘unnecessary’ – Washington Examiner

Vernon Jones on X: “It’s insulting to the entire Black community for Attorney General Merrick Garland to go stand in the pulpit of a Black church and say to a Black congregation, they are too stupid to afford a free photo ID to vote! In his mind like all liberal democrat White supremacists, Blacks…” / X

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