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Charles Barkley Threatens Black Trump Supporters Over Mugshot Shirts

Former NBA player Charles Barkley threatened black Trump supporters during the Gayle King & Charles Barkley CNN show. Barkley was shown a clip of Trump speaking at the recent Black Conservative Federation gala in South Carolina. Trump spoke briefly about the mugshot t-shirts available for sale online. He said that many people in the black community like the shirts and can relate to them. This comment, among others, has been a hot topic of conversation among leftist circles.

Barkley stated that if he saw any black Trump supporters wearing the mugshot t-shirts, he would punch them in the face. The audience laughed, and Gayle King attempted to walk Barkley off the proverbial ledge while also somewhat laughing. Barkley refused to back down from his statement, saying he was sincere and offended at Trump’s remarks.

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Such a statement against black liberal voters would not be tolerated, especially if it came from a white person on television. This is the double standard of justice in America, which Trump alluded to during the BCF Gala. The black community understands what it’s like to be on the wrong end of a two-tiered justice system. This is why many in the community can empathize with what Trump is going through.


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