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Methodist Church Pastor Caught Staging Anti-Semitic Hate Hoax

Mark Nakagawa, a “retired” Methodist Church elder and pastor, was caught drawing a swastika on a Jewish woman’s groceries. The incident occurred at an apartment complex in West Hollywood (Los Angeles), California. Leah Grossman was at home one evening when she received a notification from her security camera on her device. She observed a man walking up to her door where groceries were sitting. The man pulled out a Sharpie marker and scrawled something on one of her items. This turned out to be Mark Nakagawa improperly drawing a swastika.

Grossman confronted Nakagawa as he was creepily hiding next to her apartment’s entrance. She pulled up the recording of him drawing the swastika on the box of seltzer water outside of her home. He denied any wrongdoing at the time. Los Angeles news later interviewed Nakagawa and he admitted to drawing the swastika. He says he was trying to educate Grossman, who is Jewish, about the alternate usage of the symbol in Asian countries. This may be Nakagawa’s cover story due to his Asian background, but the swastika is used primarily in the Indian subcontinent, not in Japan, where he has apparent ancestry.

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Leah Grossman and Mark Nakagawa have a rocky history. They have confronted one another in HOA meetings. Both say that the other person called them a fascist at HOA meetings or in other settings. Much of the tension between the two happened after the Israel/Hamas conflict, where Grossman draped an Israeli flag on the outside of her balcony.


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