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Michelle Obama Going BACK To White House as VP?

Former Vice President Joe Biden is currently in desperate need of his own VP to run with him in the current Presidential race. Biden previously stated that he would certainly pick a woman to run with him. Rumors have been flying around DC as to who the woman could be. Michelle Obama’s name has popped up quite a few times. But does Michelle want to return to the White House as VP?

Biden would love to have Mrs. Obama on his team. Her name recognition and influence in society are as valuable as gold. But his hope is no more than a wish. A pipe dream. A fantasy. Becoming Vice President is clearly beneath her. She is the heir apparent to Oprah at this point. Specials on Netflix and other high-profile endeavors have placed her head and shoulders above many in DC social circles.

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A Biden – Obama ticket would also be lopsided and nonsensical. It would be the equivalent to Walter Mondale running for President with Ronald Reagan as his Vice President. Michelle Obama has zero incentive to attach herself to a fading candidate in Joe Biden. Valerie Jarrett – a close friend and political ally of the Obamas – has already come out and said that Michelle does not want the job.

Although it’s clear that Biden will not be able to procure Michelle Obama as VP, the question still remains. Who will be his VP pick? Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and former Gubernatorial Candidate from Georgia Stacey Abrams are two names being floated at the moment. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar have also been mentioned. The latter group could be viable if the Democratic Party machine could explain why Biden picked a white woman instead of a “woman of color.”

Either way it goes, Biden is in serious need of help. He has been doing a series of virtual Town Hall events with people like Al Gore instead of public rallies. Those haven’t been going very well. At one point, Biden was simply a gaffe machine. But now he is known for simply being in mental decline. And every time he appears on camera he just gets worse.

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So the person who becomes Biden’s VP pick will have to field questions relating to his fragile state. All major (and minor) media outlets will be breathing down the neck of any potential VP nominee. Some may appreciate the opportunity, some may not want all of the attention. One thing is nearly for 100% certain, any combination of Biden and a Vice Presidential pick will lose in November.

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