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AOC Says People Should REFUSE to Return to Work!

Just when we thought the bar on economic intelligence couldn’t be set any lower, AOC sets a new record, stating that people should refuse to go back to work. She scoffs at the idea of reopening society — though doesn’t seem to attribute her reasoning to the COVID-19 crisis. 🤔

As states and municipalities across the nation prepare to #ReopenAmerica, certain people in power want you to believe that returning to work is either a death sentence or a dreadful way to live. Because they embrace what they call the “new norm,” which looks a lot like a test run of socialism.

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With total job losses reaching a record-breaking 26 million, people like AOC appear to be unbothered by the Great Lockdown. After all, why work when you can be alive and sucking on the government’s teat? That will never dry up… right?

While basement dwellers rejoice at the idea, those of us who keep America running say OPEN UP! Let’s get back to business.

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