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Michelle Obama’s “Closing Argument” Podcast-Style Biden Endorsement Is Full of Lies

Former First Lady Michelle Obama released a nearly half-hour endorsement of former VP Joe Biden entitled “Closing Argument.” Obama meandered through a valley of different talking points throughout the long endorsement. She touched on issues of racism, police brutality, “peaceful” protests, and of course, President Donald Trump. The former First Lady spoke about how inept Trump’s response to the virus has been and all but laid the blame at his feet for everything going wrong in the country. Although “Closing Argument” is billed as a Joe Biden endorsement, not much was said about the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee.

The Closing Argument starts off by immediately attacking President Trump’s virus response. This was most likely filmed before the President was hospitalized for the virus himself, as Michelle put out a statement on Twitter wishing “everyone” who has contracted the virus well. The tone of the long talk is a clear harkening back to the speaking style of Barack Obama. Mrs. Obama’s speech writing team may or may not have done this with the intention of giving the listener a feeling of nostalgia.

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Attacks on the President did not stop with Michelle Obama criticizing his handling of the virus. She eventually used the big bad “R” word to describe him and his tenure in office. One key point she brought up was Trump’s pledge to preserve the American dream by discouraging low-income housing from being built in high-income areas. According to Obama, this idea is “racist” because it keeps minorities out of the suburbs. As if only minorities are low income and no minorities live in the suburbs. Michelle and Barack should know plenty about minorities living in suburbs considering their multi-million dollar Martha’s Vineyard estate, but that’s a different story.


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  1. I wrote a quick note to the Superintendent of the School District up there voicing my consternation with what happened. I told the person that the teacher in question has zero business being around students.

  2. Dear Mr. Logan,

    As far as Obama goes there are many questions we know.

    1. Did his administration used our hard earned money to pay for COVID 19?

    2. Didn’t Obama send millions to the same place COVID 19 was born ?

    3. What was Hunter Biden doing and what was Sleepy Joe doing in China?

    4. Is the Obama administration global murders?

    5. Didn’t Obama and Biden make many calls arround the world that need to be brought to everyone’s attention in high places?

    They need to be trumped by President Donald J. Trump. So be it.

  3. She’s counting on nobody verifying her stories. She thinks people are dumb and will believe all her projection. I am not impressed and can see the desperation…she should be afraid about what happens when the Obiden admin’s secrets & corruption are all revealed. In her Martha’s Vineyard place where she is “suspected and feared”? Bunk!

  4. Obama and Biden 3.7 million grant to the same lab Covid 19 was supposed to be made. Is this a fact? People would like to know.

    Mrs. Obama bust on President Trump when her husband may be guilty of the making of a global virus that has killed men and women of every race and color.

    That which is hiden needs to be revealed to the world. The truth will set us all free, not her lies about someone she know nothing about. President Trump has made promises, and he has kept them.

    No one can tell you what ex – president Obama did for America. Obama who ? ? ?

    Trump 4 more years! President Donald J. Trump trumps over O’ Biden. We need a new beautiful monument , ” President Donald John Trump Highest Achievement In His Honor For Loving The Free World As He Made America Great Again. ” Trump monument should be taller than the, ” Washington Monument. ” His achievements are great.

    President Trump has made monsters in America. Americans need their daily dose of Trump. He is family. He has become America’s Big Daddy, and we love him. He cares for all Americans good, bad, rich, and poor.

    He is bringing God back to America. He is bringing the Patriots out in America. He is truly making America great again. So be it.

    Americans know who the liers are. They know who is on their side.

    4 more years Trump & Pence 2020 !!!

  5. Obama the reason I left the Democrat Plantation. His race baiting hidden barely talked about covert Anti-America then Micheal oop’s Michelle with her blatant racism against white people. Obama biggest things I remember about the media’s Anointed one Fast and Furious scandal killed several border agents, screwed up healthcare plan mismanagement by his various cabinet appointees ie VA Attorney General etc. reneged on school vouchers tired of typing think I got carpal tunnel now


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