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NFL Coach Jack Del Rio Under Fire For J6 “Dust Up” Comment

NFL coach Jack Del Rio has gotten himself into some trouble over his recent comments about January 6th. The Washington Commanders (formerly Redskins) Defensive Coordinator first made comments in relation to January 6th on Twitter. He is active on the social media platform and has a somewhat recognizable presence. So when he responded to a random January 6th tweet from a “blue check” (verified) person, a lot of people took notice. His comment was a very simple question that many people have asked over the past couple of years. The problem is that mainstream media and political people do not like those sorts of questions because it pokes holes in their anti-Trump, anti-conservative narrative.

The question was simply about the coverage of the January 6th event vs the series of Black Lives Matter riots over the summer of 2020. It is common sense to cover all instances of violence and/or civil unrest with the same level of scrutiny and criticism. That simply has not happened with the January 6th incident in comparison to the vast amount of BLM riots. Del Rio clarified his statements on Twitter via a press conference after an off-season practice. This is where he referred to January 6th as a “dust-up” where nothing was burned down. Although his statement was true, it doesn’t matter. Any attempt at removing January 6th from the pedestal that the mainstream media and political types have placed it on is an act of heresy in their eyes.

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As a result of Del Rio’s simple question pointing out this obvious issue, the NAACP has called on the Commanders to fire him. The NAACP also says that if the Commanders don’t fire him, that he should resign on his own due to the sheer egregious nature of his statements. Other media types have echoed the sentiments of the NAACP.


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  1. I feel ignoring the blm riots is the standard in USA. It’s the same as all the murders in liberal cities it’s really not addressed. Alot of the damage done by the BLM riots were done in their own neighborhoods. Liberals are all talk they really don’t care about poorer people they really don’t care about the neighborhood they are supposed to represent. They don’t really care about American people. If the capital protest was primarily people of color not a big deal…more white insurrection…if it was a bunch of liberals not a big deal…if it’s true patriots…big deal . I really hope we as Americans will realize that color means nothing a working man or woman are the same..we are all Americans . The fight needs to be against the parasites in Washington. We expect them to spend our money like it was there’s. Making good decisions. Actually fix things.. what we have are the American Royals who create wealth and power for their family and treat us their surfs. They are supposed to work for us…anyway I love your content keep up the fight

  2. See this is what happens when you open the doors to the likes of obamama et al, appease and embolden delusional native indian murdering buffalo soldier hypocrite black opportunistic deviant criminals. give an inch and they will take take take until caught and jailed. Its a lost cause, americans are too stupid and lazy to do anything about it. just sit back in your lazyboy with a bag of chips and watch the charade go by. We are now the laughing stock embarressment of the world. But hey, we got legal weed and fag marriages so theres that. USA! USA! USA!

  3. All riots using violence are wrong. All should be prosecuted at the full extent of the law. J6 protesters using the American flag pole to attack police officers are criminals, not patriots. Many Capitol police officers died and injured in J6. VP Mike Pence called for help and got none for hours.


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