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Rapper Meek Mill Accuses Private Jet Crew Of Racism Over Weed Smoke

Rapper Meek Mill accused a crew member of a private jet of racism over a question about the smell of weed smoke. In a now-viral video, the well-known rapper recorded himself speaking to the aforementioned crew member. The conversation apparently picks up right after the man asked Meek Mill if anyone who just got on board was smoking weed. Meek Mill was furious over the question and ultimately accused the person of racism. The video ended with the crew member opening the hatch of the airplane to let the rapper and crew off, per the rapper’s request.

This situation was obviously not an episode of racism. Anyone who heard the general synopsis of what happened on the plane would immediately understand why the crew member asked about weed. If a bunch of guys board a plane and an overwhelming smell of weed smoke follows, it is only logical to ask them if they are currently smoking or if they had just got done smoking. Especially on a private plane where there is no TSA involved. Passengers of private planes are often driven directly to the plane by a vehicle. Other people (especially rappers) have boarded private planes with drugs. It would not be surprising if some of them tried to use their drugs while the plane was in the air. And it is very dangerous for a person to smoke weed on a plane. The last thing anyone wants is an impaired pilot who got a second-hand high.

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An accusation of racism coming from Meek Mill is not surprising. The Philadelphia-based rapper has become more of a social justice activist in recent years. His activism (again, not surprising) comes on the heels of his legal troubles. Time after time Meek Mill is given a chance to live a productive and crime-free life in society. Time after time he makes foolish mistakes. He then blames external forces for his own behavior once the mistakes he makes catch up with him. This latest incident looks like Meek Mill attempting to keep the chip of racism on his shoulder so he can use it as an escape hatch or a money-making mechanism at any time.


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