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Minneapolis Police To Robbery Victims: “Give It Up!”

Minneapolis Police have been circulating a few tips to citizens of the city who live in high-crime areas during the current crime surge to prevent becoming robbery victims. The list includes things like “walk in groups” and “don’t fight the criminal.” Basically, what the list boils down to is the equivalent of “give it up” or “surrender” to criminals when they approach you.

Fate Of Many Decided By The Uninformed Few

Some citizens may think the list from Minneapolis Police is a good thing. Why risk your life over a cellphone or car keys? They think that a simple robbery should not cost your life. The problem is that if Minneapolis police circulate the list to citizens, then it’s not just citizens that see it. Criminals do too. Minneapolis just sent up a smoke signal and intensified the smoke by waving a white flag.

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Criminal Opportunists Travel

Criminals from all around the midwest in cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, and Kansas City have no problem traveling to Minneapolis to engage in robbery and car-jacking if the police signal that they won’t be able to do anything about it. They see it as free money. Meanwhile, the average citizen will be struck with fear knowing that they don’t have any protection. Especially since the police aren’t giving them another recourse to prevent robbery aside from simply acquiescing.

Explore Alternative Solutions

Detroit’s Police Chief made a controversial statement about a similar situation to that of Minneapolis and their current crime surge a few years back. Since the police were unable to protect citizens appropriately in Detroit, the Police Chief told the citizens to arm themselves. And as a result, crime dramatically dropped. A home invader or carjacker might think twice if they presume that everyone they’re attempting to victimize has a gun.

Back in 2014, a single mother was caught on camera in Detroit escorting home invaders out of her home at the end of a long rifle. She did the appropriate thing as requested by the Police Chief, rather than cowering and submitting to the criminals.

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City Leadership Failed Everyone

Please understand that this article is not written in a way to attack Minneapolis Police. Far from it. This is more of an indictment on city leadership. Everyone from the Mayor to the City Council appear to have bought in to the “defund police” movement. The police have their hands tied when they are not only underfunded, but understaffed and not defended in situations that could be seen as murky in the context of George Floyd “protests.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) famously said that a city with defunded police looks like a suburb. That statement would be laughable if it were not so dangerously wrong. City leaders actually take their cues from people like this who, by the way, are actually lawmakers in office. A city with defunded police produces nothing else other than higher crime and less general safety for the average everyday citizen.

Members of Minneapolis City Council get their own private security, of course. Some animals are more equal than others … but that’s a story for another day.

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