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Minneapolis Teachers Union Will Lay Off White Teachers First

The Minneapolis Teacher’s Union has declared that white teachers will be the first to get laid off if layoffs are necessary. This decision came after a days-long labor strike from the Union. The agreed-upon terms include a resolution for a situation called “excess”. Excess refers to too many teachers being employed at once for the number of enrolled students. A drop in enrollment has indeed happened in Minneapolis over the past few years. One can only speculate the reasons why enrollment has dropped. A great guess would be the uptick in crime and violence due to Black Lives Matter riots and the result of defunding of police.

Black Lives Matter riots may have emboldened a social justice spirit beneath the surface of Minneapolis. These people think that “harm” against the black community (and/or people of color) must be actively addressed and rectified. Since the student population of Minneapolis is 60% nonwhite while the teacher population is 16% nonwhite, this is seen as an imbalance that should be fixed in the eyes of social justice warriors.

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The solution to this teacher/student racial “imbalance” is to lay off white teachers before any teachers of color in the event that layoffs need to happen. This measure seeks to ensure that the teacher population does not become whiter than it already is. The Teacher’s Union would also like to drive up the numbers of minority teachers in Minneapolis overall. Even if it means firing teachers who are more qualified than the ones who stay on.


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