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Armed IRS Agent Training Video Leaks Online

A training video of armed IRS agents has leaked and essentially gone viral on social media, especially on Twitter. The video features a group of these agents wearing vests that say “IRS-CID” which represents the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service. Their vests also say “Police” and they have badges just as regular police do. The badges say “Internal Revenue Service” because the IRS falls under that federal agency. IRS-CID currently has just over 2,000 agents employed in its force. However, with the Biden administration announcing 87,000 new IRS agents coming within the next ten years, the IRS-CID may grow exponentially.

The viral video in question could be relatively old or it could be new. If it is a new video, that would coincide with the upcoming IRS hiring blitz. Many social media users who viewed the now-viral video expressed concerns about armed IRS agents showing up at their homes over petty amounts of money.

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On paper, the IRS-CID is truly only called up for serious criminal matters such as identify theft, heavy money laundering, and other crimes that require an armed response. This is somewhat confusing because the FBI already exists as well as local police forces.

Why must an armed IRS agent who is also an accountant show up at someone’s home? Maybe it is simply a matter of assigning people capable of understanding finance to criminal investigations. Or maybe the concerned citizens of Twitter are correct. This could simply be a way to extract large amounts of money from people without high earning potential.



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