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Mississippi Walmart Employee Fired Over Video Of Shivering Baby

A Mississippi Walmart employee was fired after recording a video of a shivering baby inside the store and uploading it to social media. On a frigid night in Byram, Mississippi, 26-year-old Kambria Gabrielle Darby visited Walmart with her young son. Several customers inside the store witnessed the baby shivering from the cold as he only wore a diaper and no other clothing. The mother was fully dressed, wearing both a sweater and a coat. After constant protests from other Walmart patrons, she eventually took her coat off and draped it around the baby.

Felicia Nicole, the Walmart employee who recorded the now-viral video, spoke to local news media about the incident. She said that her job security was not of concern when she uploaded the video. She was genuinely concerned about the welfare of the child. Walmart terminated her for violating company policy. A GoFundMe for Nicole has reached over $25,000.

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The mother of the child was subsequently arrested and charged with contributing to the neglect or delinquency of a child. The 2-year-old child was taken into custody by a confirmed family member.


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