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Fact-Checking Website “Snopes” Accused Of Lying For Biden

The fact-checking website, “Snopes,” was forced to reverse its decision on a post about President Joe Biden. A viral picture of the President wearing a hard hat backward has been floating around. Biden was at a bar with union members in Wisconsin. Someone gave him a hard hat for the photo op, which was clearly worn backward.

The photo was initially posted by Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. As soon as she uploaded the photo, social media users immediately pointed out the orientation of Biden’s hat. Snopes fact-checked social media commenters and said the hat was not on backward. Many of the same netizens who commented on Klobuchar’s photo also commented on Snopes fact-checking, which forced them to reverse their decision.

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Snopes left an Editor’s Note that was a lengthy, word-salad way of saying that they thought their first “correction” was appropriate, although it clearly was not.


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