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Kamala Harris Temporarily Becomes Acting President

Kamala Harris becomes acting President briefly while President Joe Biden undergoes a “routine” colonoscopy procedure at Walter Reed. Harris has been granted these powers because Biden will not be conscious while under anesthesia. This event marks the first time a woman has ever been granted Presidential powers for any reason. Some are celebrating this minor event as a “victory” for women’s rights and third-wave feminism. Others are connecting a few dots to recent rumors that have been floating around Capitol Hill and elsewhere.

Joe Biden recently visited the Pope at The Vatican. Rumor has it that the timeline of the trip was altered due to the President having a “bathroom accident”. This piece of information is only a rumor but it makes sense when tied into other rumors and factual information. Just a day or two after Biden’s visit to The Vatican, he headed over to Glasgow for the COP26 Climate Summit. Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, reportedly heard the 78-year-old deliver a quote “long fart” that she cannot stop speaking about. If Biden has a “bathroom accident” just a day or two before a “very long fart” in public while speaking to foreign dignitaries, then something may be wrong.

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Once Biden and his team come back to the United States, the rumors continue. This time, however, the rumors are not necessarily about Joe Biden. The rumors are now about Kamala Harris and her status with the administration. The word on the proverbial “street” is that Harris is unhappy due to being underutilized and ignored. There are even rumblings of the Vice President being replaced by someone else in the near future. These rumors were credible enough for Harris to get interviewed about them on ABC by former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos. By the way, Kamala Harris delivered her signature cackle in response to questions of malcontent. Totally bombing the interview. So of course, the rumors persist.

Kamala Harris has also had a “routine checkup” at Walter Reed. A chartered plane full of runaway Texas Democrats landed in DC earlier this year. They left the Lone Star State in protest of a vote to solidify voting rights and other issues. Kamala Harris immediately greeted most, if not all, of them for a meeting at her office. It was later discovered that half of the plane had contracted the bug. The next day, Kamala Harris went to Walter Reed for a “routine checkup” with no mention of the obvious elephant in the room.

So if Biden was admitted to Walter Reed for a colonoscopy after having a couple of “bathroom incidents” back to back overseas, and Kamala Harris was admitted after being exposed by 30 people to the bug, maybe the visits are not routine. Maybe the visits are because a person is sick and needs to get well right away. And maybe the rumors are more true than false. Maybe, just maybe, the rumblings of replacing Kamala are because someone will need to fill that slot if Biden is ill and she must take his spot if he leaves office before 2024. It is easy to hide something without any information to reveal where that particular thing is located. But the information age is here and clues are hiding in plain sight.

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