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Mother Confronts BLM Protesters For Supporting Man Who Shot Up Her Apartment While Cooking For Kids

A single mother from Minneapolis, Minnesota confronted a group of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters for supporting Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg. Sundberg, a 20-year-old black male, was shot and killed after an hours-long standoff from afar by police snipers. This shooting sparked local (and perhaps, not-so-local) people to descend upon the apartment complex where the shooting happened. The problem with this is that these people did not get the full story. Sundberg actually shot his weapon at his neighbor’s apartment with the apparent intention to harm the people inside. One of the people in the apartment was the single mother who showed up to confront the protesters.


Family of Andrew ‘Tekle’ Sundberg calls for release of police footage after fatal shooting | The Hill

Neighbor of Black man in Minneapolis shot by police berates protesters: ‘This is not OK!’ | Fox News

Emotions run high at protest for Tekle Sundberg, as mother who was shot at expresses outrage

Family calls for justice following deadly police shooting — but neighbors express safety concerns – Eyewitness News

Demonstration held in Minneapolis for Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg – CBS Minnesota

Man who killed 9-year-old girl in Ferguson as she did homework is going to prison for 22 years | Law and order |

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