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UPenn Nominates Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas NCAA Woman Of The Year

University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) has nominated the controversial transgender swimmer Lia Thomas as NCCA 2022 Woman Of The Year. Lia Thomas, formerly known as William Thomas, competed as a man for at least three years at UPenn before transitioning. After just one year of competition as a woman, Lia Thomas became eligible to become nominated for the prestigious award. Each NCAA school has the ability to nominate one of its own graduating students. There is no guarantee that Lia Thomas will actually win the award. The problem is that just nominating Lia means that UPenn recognizes Lia above all other graduating women at UPenn. This appears to be strictly a political decision motivated by UPenn refusing to abide by the will of some teammates and disgruntled fans who felt like Lia had an unfair advantage over natural-born women.


UPenn trans swimmer Lia Thomas nominated for NCAA’s ‘Women of the Year’ award

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