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Mother Of Six-Year-Old Boy Who Shot Teacher Sentenced To Prison

Deja Taylor, the mother of a six-year-old boy who shot his teacher in Virginia, has been sentenced to two years in prison. Taylor has been convicted of two separate charges. The first guilty verdict was handed out a few weeks ago and that was 21 months for smoking marijuana while owning a firearm. This is akin to the Hunter Biden situation. If a person uses illegal drugs, they cannot purchase a firearm, and that appears to be what she did and it is what Hunter is accused of doing. Taylor was most recently convicted of child endangerment for allowing her child to have easy access to her weapon.

In January of this year, Deja Taylor’s six-year-old son took her weapon to school and shot his teacher. Luckily, the woman he injured survived. News reports that the boy bragged about the incident afterward, referring to the teacher using foul language. The mother also reportedly made excuses for his behavior. Other text messages reveal that the mother may have shot at her son’s father for seeing him with another woman.

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The judge who sentenced Deja Taylor acknowledges that his sentencing exceeded the guidelines of zero to six months for child endangerment. He stated the reason for his judgment is because of all of the facts of the case and Deja Taylor’s history. He went on to state that Taylor’s reckless actions nearly led to the loss of two lives. She was sentenced to two years for both convictions. She will serve her sentences concurrently. Taylor’s son will be remanded to the custody of his grandfather, Deja’s father.


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