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Joe Rogan Responds To Spotify Controversy, Doesn’t Quite Apologize

Joe Rogan has responded to the controversy surrounding his podcast and the apparent boycotts against Spotify. The key issue here is some of the content on The Joe Rogan Experience, namely two doctors who have controversial opinions about the virus. These two men are Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough. They are widely viewed as experts in their field. So when the mainstream media says “trust the science” and “listen to experts” maybe they’re only referring to a preselected group with approved opinions.

Mainstream media typically refers to Rogan’s podcast as “dangerous” due to “spreading misinformation” about the virus. This appears more like a political attack and less like an expression of concern for the safety of the general public. Rogan is not necessarily a political person and his podcast is not designed to operate that way. He simply invites guests on who speak about their field and other bits of information that come about during a normal conversation. And since Rogan would like to get the best information about the virus out to the general public as possible, he invites experts. Not just those who are “conservative” or those who may already agree with him. He even had on CNN contributor Sanjay Gupta. Interestingly enough, Sanjay pretty much agreed with Joe Rogan throughout his appearance on the podcast. But as soon as he returned to CNN, he did a 180.

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The Swedish company in question has an exclusive deal with Rogan to host his wildly-popular podcast. Some estimate the deal Rogan signed with Spotify to be worth over $100 million. Music artists including Neil Young and India Arie have publicly stated that they no longer wish to have their work on Spotify because of Rogan’s presence. They parrot the “spreading misinformation” line. None of these artists have presented anything to debunk the information presented by experts on JRE.


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