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MSNBC Exposes John Fetterman’s Diminished Cognitive Function

MSNBC throws John Fetterman under the proverbial bus by exposing his diminished cognitive function. The Democratic Senate candidate from Pennsylvania suffered a stroke in May of this year. He spent time away from the campaign trail attempting to recover. He is well enough to walk around and campaign, however, he is clearly not back to one hundred percent. Fellow Democrats and the mainstream media have attempted to ignore his obvious problems. They would rather have a clearly damaged John Fetterman become Senator over his Republican counterpart Dr. Mehmet Oz. However, at a certain point, they can’t keep up the charade. A recent interview on MSNBC exposed his shortcomings due to the setup and then follow-up comments from the interviewer.


Fetterman says his stroke recovery ‘changes everything,’ but that he’s fit to serve as senator

John Fetterman mocked for answer when asked how he’s feeling

Pennsylvania Oz-Fetterman Senate race exposes America’s ableism

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