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MSNBC Now Shifts The Voter ID Narrative Onto The LGBT Community

MSNBC recently aired a segment about voter ID laws negatively impacting the transgender community ahead of the midterm elections. The historical leftist narrative about voter ID laws is that they negatively impact racial minorities, specifically the black community. This is due to blacks being more likely than other groups not to have any form of identification. This is a misleading statistic, at best, because the overwhelming majority of all groups, including blacks, have identification. ID is required for daily life, especially in city areas. So to assume that a large portion of any racial group does not have ID or access to it is absurd.

Jo Yurcaba from “NBC Out” appeared on MSNBC to speak about how voter ID laws impact trans people in a little more detail. This person (pronouns not assumed) says that trans people are more likely to essentially not have an updated ID. Their gender, name, and outward appearance change so their ID may not match how they present on election day. This sounds like a simple problem with user error and not some type of overly restrictive government that is transphobic.

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