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“The Atlantic” Wants To Declare A “Pandemic Amnesty

An opinion piece from “The Atlantic” seeks to request what they label as a “Pandemic Amnesty”. This request is essentially about asking people who were harmed by ridiculous virus policies to forgive those who harmed them. This most likely includes everyone from the Federal Government down to regular people who screamed at their neighbors over masking and social distancing.

They want this forgiveness to happen so that everyone can move on and move forward with their lives in a meaningful and productive way. There is, of course, just one problem with this. The mandates and rules and other inane restrictions placed upon the American people and the world have yet to be fully realized.

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So much damage happened as a result of the pandemic that it may not be known for many generations to come. Children were harmed by this although they were never at risk for the virus. It is too soon to ask for forgiveness. Not only is it too soon, but it may also simply be too arrogant and absurd of a thing to have the nerve to request.


Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty – The Atlantic

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  1. Its one thing after the next with self centered delusional buffoons living in denial.. sheer idiocy. How many thousands of people continue to get sick and die every day in the USA, not as if the president and his wife got it just a month or two ago, not once, but twice! and yet everyone declares its over, high fives all around, no more inconveniences, freedom, life as per usual, poor kids didnt get educated because schools were closed for a few months, oh no reading a book at home is far too much to ask, lets all finger point and place blame on Chinese people for our tax funded bio labs there, in Ukraine and on our own soil, as a new strain that will kill all humans has just been created in a university lab.. oh no the world is coming to an end!


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