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Muslim Parents Shut Down School Board Meeting In Dearborn, Michigan Over LGBT Books In School

Muslim parents in Dearborn, Michigan shut down a school board meeting over the presence of explicit books in their children’s library. Many of the books that grabbed parents’ attention featured LGBT themes. However, the issue of homosexuality wasn’t the only issue that parents had. Many of the books in question were simply sexually explicit in nature. Parents carried signs to the meetings calling these books perverse in nature. Their chief argument is that these sorts of books should never be given to children to expose them to such filth. There were so many outraged parents at the school board meeting that the Fire Marshall had the meeting shut down before everyone was able to give their opinion on the matter.


Dearborn school board meeting ends amid protests over LGBTQ books

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Angry crowd derails Dearborn Public Schools board meeting over book policy

Board of Education will resume board meeting at Stout on Thursday | The First Bell

Dearborn school board meeting to resume Thursday after ending early due to disorderly crowd

Disorderly crowd forces Dearborn school board meeting to end early – YouTube

Fire marshal ends Dearborn school board meeting early due to disorderly crowd – YouTube

Controversy at Dearborn School Board meeting – YouTube

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  1. as if muslims are the only ones disgusted by this admins systematic deviant and anti-white-christian racist dumbing down, indoctrinating and brainwashing policy in literally every facet of life in america today. at this point our government, society and entire “culture” is downright embarrassing.


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