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NAACP Leader Says “Let Them Die” In Reference To Anti-CRT Protesters

Northern Virginia NAACP leader Michelle Leete went on a tirade against parents against critical race theory (CRT). During the rant, Leete said “let them die” toward those who are anti-CRT (as well as a laundry list of other things). A crowd of her supporters at a protest for and against CRT cheered loudly after her “let them die” statement.

Critical Race Theory is an ideology that says racism is present in every interaction and institution in the country. From this ideology are several branches. One of the “branches” is “anti-racism” education. Anti-racism teachers attempt to educate people, namely white people, about their inherent bias. These people also attempt to teach whites how to dismantle the “systems” that oppress people in the United States. The obvious end result of this form of education is the alienation of whites. Nonwhites are also negatively affected by CRT because they are informed of their inherent inferiority.

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CRT and anti-racism just scratch the surface of inappropriate things children are taught in schools. An 11-year-old child in middle school may not understand how to process why they are an evil oppressor as a black person. And a black person may not be able to properly wrap his head around being labeled as a victim of his white classmates. This is why the debate was so heated on both sides. Some people want to continue this form of indoctrination while others don’t.

The Northern Virginia counties of Loudon and Fairfax have been ground-zero for the battle against CRT. Teachers and administrators have appeared on television to assure the American public that CRT is only taught in law schools, not K-12 and general colleges. Obviously, this is not the case. The largest Teachers Union in the nation, NEA, has pledged its support behind CRT implementation in 14,000 school districts. The amount of anger from proponents of CRT being taught to children would not be there if not for the active education of children with this dangerous ideology.


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