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Nikole Hannah Jones Praised Cuba For Racial Equality in 2019

Founder of the 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah Jones, praised Cuba for racial equality on a VOX podcast back in 2019. The author and educator also gave a shoutout to the ideology and government system of socialism for making it all possible. Supporters of Hannah-Jones will point out the obvious by saying that her comments were not made during a time of obvious protesting in Cuba. However, issues affecting people on the island today are not much different than two years ago.

A common argument made by proponents of critical race theory is that this ideology is used as a catch-all term to attack any left-leaning thing. CRT is often used as a catch-all term, however, this is not unwarranted or even necessarily inaccurate. Critical Race Theory is an ideology that has the stated purpose of identifying the way in which “systems” negatively affect people. CRT says that racism is present in every interaction between people. And, of course, everyone should want to “solve” racism according to CRT proponents. In short, this ideology is broad enough to encompass a plethora of ideologies and “solutions” to stated problems.

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One of the “solutions” to “racism” that may be identified by critical race theory is socialism. At least, that is what Hannah Nikole-Jones is inferring when she speaks about Cuba. The obvious problems present in Cuba relating to hunger and extreme poverty caused by socialism are unimportant to a person like Jones. She is motivated to push marxism by proxy of critical race theory. And this is exactly the reason why so many parents across the country are motivated to eliminate the cancer known as CRT.


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  1. Saying everybody is equal under communism is like saying nobody in the morgue has a fever. Everybody is sharing a level of misery, some have less misery, some have more…except for the leaders of the communist party, of course, who live like kings. What’s really bad about it is, there is no way to improve your situation. If one person tries to get ahead, the government steps in to take away from that person, to appease the rest of the proles. No one can leave their class to achieve a higher living standard, because that means they are not sharing their wealth or success. Therefore, there is no way out of your misery.


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