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NASA Releases Awkward Kamala Harris Video With Child Actors

NASA released a cringe-worthy video for World Space Week featuring Kamala Harris and a bunch of early high school-aged kids. The nearly ten-minute video has an extremely high dislike to like ratio on YouTube. Of course, some of the animosity toward the video is political in nature due to the low approval rating of the Biden administration. But there is, of course, more than one issue here.

Kamala Harris is an unlikeable person. During her run to gain the 2020 Democratic Party nomination for President, she polled at nearly zero. Her awkward laughs at inappropriate times do not go unnoticed. Harris comes off as fake… like a C-level actress at best. The video further illustrates the disingenuous nature of the current administration and Kamala Harris. It is bad enough that Joe Biden occasionally uses a soundstage instead of the actual White House as a backdrop for pictures and video. But now Kamala Harris has resorted to using child actors in this NASA video.

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The early high school, late middle school-aged kids did a fairly good job in the NASA video. This is to be expected since they are actors and had to audition for the role. The audition process surely propelled the best actors to the top. They were articulate, poised, and serious in their effort to support World Space Week, NASA, and the Biden administration. Kamala Harris on the other hand is not an actress. She is the equivalent of a regular federal Government employee attempting to behave like an actress. The end result is nothing short of a cringe-fest.


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Kamala Harris’ bizarre space video uses child actors

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