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UPDATE: Texas School Shooter Given A Welcome Home Party

Timothy Simpkins, the 18-year-old Dallas-area school shooter, was apparently given a welcome home party by his family. The former Timberview High School student was able to bond out of jail on a $75,000 bond as he awaits trial for shooting and/or injuring four people. He then returned to his Arlington, Texas home and was greeted with what one could only label as a party. Plenty of pictures (and apparently video) were taken of the get-together. There was plenty of junk food, beverages, and big smiles from family members to go around. This is a serious problem that must be addressed.

Violence among the black community is often praised or simply given a pass. When a 15-year-old black male gang-banger shoots his weapon into a crowd and kills someone, people who identify as virtuous tend to give the shooter leniency. They often say he comes from a bad neighborhood, never knew his father, grew up in abject poverty, and the list goes on. These are simply excuses for bad behavior that should not be tolerated in any way, form, or fashion. But these actions are tolerated because of social pressure to “go easy” on young black criminals. “They don’t know any better,” they say. “Give them another chance!” they say. And then those very same kids go on to become career criminals.

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The culture of victimhood and deflecting responsibility goes far beyond casual observers on the outside. This attitude is also pervasive among family and friends close to violent offenders. And this explains why Timothy Simpkins was able to get a coming home party after shooting four people inside of his own high school. His people don’t see what he did like that big of a deal. Some of his family and friends may even praise him for his actions. They say it makes him tough, it makes him a “stand-up guy”… especially since he was allegedly confronting bullies. It doesn’t matter if innocent people like the 25-year-old teacher are shot in the process. Contrast this to a young black male going off to college and then returning home. The same amount of love isn’t given to him that is given to the doomed criminal.

The incentive for young black men is to act out in violent ways because there will be rewards and safety given to them. Of course, the justice system does not necessarily participate in the same reward system. But apparently, that is the last of their concerns.


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