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NASCAR Disavows “Let’s Go Brandon” Chant, Doesn’t Want To Become Political

NASCAR President Steve Phelps disavowed the wildly popular “Let’s Go Brandon” chant due to its overtly political nature. Phelps told Fox News that he feels bad for the driver, Brandon, and the reporter, Kelli, who got caught up in the whole situation. The NASCAR President also said that his organization will go after anyone selling merchandise with trademarked NASCAR logos and symbols alongside the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase. This, of course, points to merchandise that has sprouted up all over the place. NASCAR claims this is an attempt to become apolitical, but one peek beneath the surface shows an entirely different narrative.

The reality is that NASCAR does not have a problem wading into the world of politics. President Trump attended a NASCAR race back in 2020 in a ceremonial capacity. The crowd loved it. Any other President would probably be afforded the same opportunity if it made sense for all parties involved. NASCAR also supported driver Bubba Wallace during the whole garage-pull incident. The organization even allowed the biracial driver to have his own “Black Lives Matter” emblazoned car. Wallace also sported an “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt. It was like Bubba Wallace was sponsored by Social Justice, Incorporated. Bubba Wallace is highly political yet NASCAR has no issue supporting him in whatever he wants to do.

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“Let’s Go Brandon” is a problematic chant for NASCAR because the non-family-friendly version of that is “F*** Joe Biden”. Maybe the organization fears retaliation from the Federal Government if they continue to allow President Biden to be insulted without any kickback whatsoever. NASCAR can’t truly stop or slow down the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant. As a matter of fact, to try and stop it does nothing but amplify it even as it’s on the way down. To try and sue YouTubers with NASCAR-style LGB merch appears like a plea to the feds to go easy on them when it comes to taxes and regulation. For NASCAR to claim that they don’t want to be linked with politics on the left or the right is nothing short of ridiculous.


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