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Lebron James Mocks Kyle Rittenhouse For Crying On The Stand During Trial

NBA superstar basketball player LeBron James recently mocked Kyle Rittenhouse for crying on the stand during his trial. Rittenhouse is charged with several crimes including different types of homicide. The charges come from BLM-style protest after the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse claims he was armed in Kenosha on the fateful night in question to help people who had been injured and also to try and serve his community. Unfortunately, some people who were “protesting” began to get into violent mischief. After Rittenhouse became the target of aggression, he wound up killing two people then injuring others as a result.

Rittenhouse surprised many people by electing to take the stand. His defense team laid the case for self-defense out pretty well. Rittenhouse could have simply declined the offer to take the stand, but he didn’t. In hindsight, this appears to be a great choice. Rittenhouse was able to give clear and concise answers to questions that may trip up an uninformed courtroom novice. The moment which stood out above all others happened during the prosecution’s cross-examination of Rittenhouse. The questions began to zero in on a time where Rittenhouse was cornered by two men. His only way out was to shoot, and that’s when Joseph Rosenbaum lost his life. Rittenhouse began to break down on the stand in what resembled a PTSD-induced panic attack. Leftists all over the internet attacked him as shedding “crocodile tears” and putting on a show. LeBron James joined the mockery crew with a distasteful tweet.

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The now-18-year-old Rittenhouse has become a target of hate for the mainstream media. They have labeled him everything from a white supremacist to a domestic terrorist. The “racist” term has also been tossed around when referring to Rittenhouse. All of the people who attacked Rittenhouse (and got hurt by him) were white. Everyone involved in this situation was white. So the obvious question here is… why would anyone refer to Rittenhouse as racist? Where is that idea coming from? The answer is actually quite easy to see if a person has their eyes open. The media wants to link Rittenhouse to white aggression against black people due to the background of BLM protests happening at the time of the shooting.

LeBron James is simply reacting off of what the mainstream media tells him. He does not actually understand the situation. If LeBron (or anyone else for that matter) took some time to watch the trial and research the situation, then they would think differently. The majority of people who understand what happened here know that this is an open-and-shut case of self-defense. The problem is that the majority of the general public is simply ignorant of the facts. They don’t have enough time to invest in doing research, so they believe whatever they are told. This is especially true for leftists who already think white guys with guns like Rittenhouse are automatically guilty white supremacists.


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