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Nashville Police Release Bodycamera & Surveillance Footage Of Transgender Covenant School Shooter

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has released video of the Covenant School shooter after also revealing the shooter’s identity. The shooter is a 28-year-old woman named Audrey Hale. Hale identified as a male although born as a biological female. Records show that this person attended the small Christian K-6 school in grades 3 and 4. Police recovered a manifesto that apparently has a detailed explanation and plans behind the shooting. Three nine-year-old children and three adult staff members were shot and killed during the shooter’s rampage until the police entered the building and killed her.

Surveillance video released by MNPD shows Hale driving up to the school in a Honda Fit. She shot through a side door to make her entry. Eventually, she made her way upstairs where she carried out her carnage. Body camera footage released by police showed a well-trained unit going from room to room looking for the suspect. Police eventually heard Hale shooting upstairs, so they followed the sound and immediately shot her to end the threat. She died on the scene.

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Social media has become a warzone of sorts, with people pointing the finger in all directions. Far-leftist people like David Pakman took the opportunity to attack conservative Republicans on the issue of gun control and religion, stating that it was ironic a school shooting happened at a Christian school because prayer didn’t work. Some extremist members of the trans community gave sympathy toward the shooter, saying that a proverbial dog can only be backed into the corner for so long before they bite. Then, of course, there was a dig at Tennessee lawmakers over their recent bill that bans drag queens from performing in front of children, and also the attempt to keep children away from sex changes.

All of that sort of talk is completely inappropriate. The clear elephant in the room here is a lack of mental healthcare that the school shooter, like most school shooters, was suffering from.


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