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Nashville RV Bomber Identified By The FBI

A man by the name of Anthony Quinn Warner has been identified as the Nashville RV bomber by the FBI. Warner was described as a self-employed computer guru who tended to his pets and stayed to himself. Human remains were found on the scene of the bombing and they are verified to belong to Warner. As of Monday, December 28th, there is no known motive for the bombing aside from the result which was Warner’s death. Damage to property and infrastructure did happen and could have been the actual motive, but that is not known at this moment.

Warner was from Antioch, Tennessee which is in the Nashville area. Authorities reportedly received more than one tip about Warner. A picture of the same RV in the Downtown Nashville attack showing it in the backyard of someone’s house was revealed. The house in the picture is probably where Anthony Warner. Since Warner appears to be a loner and self-motivated, then there is probably no risk of another attack coming in the same manner as the first one.

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