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Again, Stacey Abrams Blames Republicans for Voter Suppression

Stacey Abrams, the failed Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate, told CNN’s Jim Sciutto that “Republicans do not know how to win” elections without resorting to voter suppression.

The same candidate who entertained the idea of a “blue wave” consisting of people who are “documented and undocumented.” The notion is hardly legal to suggest, but Abrams, who has yet to conceded, continues to feel as if she has a say in how American elections should take place.

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Abrams makes these claims like a broken record, but what she and other radical progressives fail to understand is that a single illegal vote is a vote taken away from an American citizen. Trump’s legal team looking into the allegations of voter fraud is designed to reassure fair and free elections.

If most Democrat lawmakers actually cared about this, we’d see them joining Republicans as they look into the questionable voting machines and methods used to prevent officials from entering voting locations. After all, it would secure their future votes as well. But we see quite the opposite happening. The fact that there is unanimous radio silence on one side is telling, let alone the GOP members who are ready to move on, but I digress…

No, no one one saw Abrams go on television to call to question anything surrounding the fishy 2020 election. So her newfound concern is phony at best.

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Voter suppression is not casting out invalid votes. It’s not investigating duplicate votes, votes without signatures or multiple mail-in ballots for one voter. And it’s most certainly not looking into why there were more votes than there are voters in certain counties in key battleground states. Voter suppression is allowing election methods to go unchecked without questioning the integrity of the process. And voter suppression is most definitely asking people who are not legal American citizens to participate in our elections. When will Abrams learn?


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