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NBA Bans Jontay Porter For Life After Gambling Investigation

The NBA banned Jontay Porter for life after an investigation revealed that the fringe player was involved in improper sports betting. Porter bet on NBA games while he was playing in the G-League, which is the NBA’s farm league. Suspicions about Porter arose from the betting world. There was an abnormal number of bets for the “under” on Jontay Porter on an ever-increasing basis. One bet that stood out was placed for about $80,000, which resulted in a payout of over $1.1 million. Video evidence shows that Porter did things in the game to make “parlays” (bets) hit.

Such a dramatic punishment against Porter was most likely done to satisfy two issues. The first is to send a message to other NBA players. If this type of thing were to become a pattern, it would ruin the multi-billion-dollar sports betting industry and the integrity of the game. The ban sends a message to the general public as well. If viewers think that games are somehow rigged or the outcome can be predetermined because of the financial goals of one or more players, then confidence in the game’s authenticity is ruined.

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