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NPR Whistleblower Resigns After Exposing Them For Far Left Bias

NPR Senior Business Editor Uri Berliner resigned after 25 years at the company after being suspended for five days. The suspension occurred after he published an essay on the website criticizing the company, reportedly without the proper permission. The purpose of Berliner’s essay was to expose the far-left liberal nature of the company and the lack of diversity. Berliner did not refer to racial or ethnic diversity as an issue; instead, he wrote about the lack of intellectual diversity.

Everyone in a decision-making capacity at the company is a leftist, without exception. People on the outside looking in knew this before reading Berliner’s piece. All that he did was confirm it. Berliner’s resignation comes on the heels of a new CEO, Katherine Maher, being onboarded. Berliner says he cannot continue to work for a company with such a bias under new leadership who had evident bias before she stepped one foot into NPR’s doors.

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Wokal Distance on X: “NPR CEO Katherine Maher says wikipedia is biased because it doesn’t have enough non-binary and gender non-conforming writers, has too many male contributors, and uses written sources instead of “oral tradition” She used to RUN wikipedia’s parent company, and now runs NPR:” / X

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