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MSNBC Anchor Joy-Ann Reid Upset At Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell Over Asking Why Blacks Should Vote

MSNBC anchor Joy-Ann Reid and guest Jemele Hill were apparently upset at 2 Live Crew member Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell over his question about black people and voting. The “Banned In The USA” performer asked a very simple question to both of them and/or on Twitter “spaces”. Actually, it was a two-part question. In the first part of the question, Luke asked Reid and Hill to list five reasons why black people should vote. He then asked them for a list of promises that have been fulfilled by politicians for black people. The two ladies came up light on answers and heavy on excuses and deflections. He even said that they said he was telling black people to NOT vote, which he never actually did.


Luther Luke Campbell on Twitter: “Give me five reasons why Black people should Vote in the next election. Give me five BLACK promises that has been fulfilled by politicians in the last election. MAYOR & PRESIDENT” / Twitter

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