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Netflix Removes “LGBTQ” Tag From Popular “Dahmer” Series

Netflix has apparently removed the “LGBTQ” tag and category from their smash hit series “Dahmer”. The series is based on the true story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. His modus operandi was to lure gay males (adults and minors) to his home to kill them. Dahmer also engaged in cannibalism with the remains of his victims. He was active from the 70s until the early 90s when the nature of his crimes was finally discovered (and acted upon). A total of 17 deaths have been attributed to Dahmer.

The Dahmer series quickly rose to number one on the Netflix charts. It became even more popular than the other Netflix serial killer series about Ted Bundy. However, one of the several controversial points came about due to how the series was categorized. Netflix has many categories for its content to make it easier for browsers to choose what they want to watch. One of these categories is “LGBTQ”.

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Members of the LGBTQ community spoke out against “Dahmer” carrying that category tag because of his heinous crimes. Murder and cannibalism aren’t accomplishments that many people would like to hang their hats on. “Representation” is apparently a good thing for LGBTQ lobbying groups that have successfully imprinted themselves on a large portion of Netflix content. True crime stories that make the community look bad apparently don’t meet the criteria to carry the LGBTQ banner.


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  1. Once again ABL you nailed it. Their are an FBI estimated 50 active serial killers at any given point in time, but only until recently it was much higher at between 300-400! I highly doubt the real number is so low today what with every city in America having the worst murder rates in history.. its a serial killers playground out there today.

    Its also a fag pedophiles playground out there with millions of offenders incarcerated, over a million registered sex offenders roaming our streets and estimated several millions more not yet caught. America is a fags paradise. We are the 21st century Sodom and Gomorrah cesspool of the world thanks to our govt and media, such as Netflix, pushing these deviant agendas on our children and the mass sub 50 IQ sheople trash of the country.

    A very high percentage of these sexually deviant mentally ill serial killing scumbags are “LGBTQ” (fags). They are just that, environmentally conditioned sexual deviants. Period. And with all the this pro-deviant crap being taught to kids in K-12 schools and universities, we can only expect it to get worse.

    I recall a show on HBO I think it was, maybe it was Vice on HBO or something, I don’t watch any of that garbage, but saw one episode where the host went to gay bars in California. The shit they do in those places, not private but open to the public places mind you!, is not only disgusting, but criminal (eg. random people pissing in beer mugs then drinking it, gloryholes, orgies, BDSM etc.). And worst of all, this is celebrated today, anywhere and everywhere in America, the cesspool.

    Is it really any wonder that many of these nutjobs take it a step further as this loser did? Happens all the time, will continue and only increase as time goes on and we god fearing, law abiding, tax paying citizens allow it to happen.

    FUCK Netfilx. And FUCK LGBTQ. And fuck BLM buffalo soldier hypocritical niggers who think theyre immune to accountability, while im at it.

  2. Amen that comment and the article.

    LGBTQ, like all these other fake “movements” such as BLM, is a business. Business is booming. Entire industries are being built around it. Literally trillions of dollars at stake annually.

    When LGBTQ nonsense is finally illegal again, which it will be not soon enough, there will be millions of useless mentally sick people out of work. Big boom for the fast food industry labor pool it will be HAHAHAHA. America has become the GAY and racist anti-white-straight-christian mecca of the world. We are the majority and will take back our country not soon enough. By force if need be. Enough is enough.

  3. The series is not fact based. In fact it is wildly inaccurate. Oh and white society and police are to blame for everything. Netflix removing the gay tag from the series is just one more example of this (ie the reality is, it is an accurate portrayal of sick gay lifestyles in America then and now). I mean come on lets be real for once, anybody who sticks things in their butthole has a mental issue.


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