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NYC Mayor Brags About The City’s Brand Then Insults Kansas

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently spoke about the city’s brand while at the same time randomly insulting the state of Kansas. His comments were made during a press conference about his recent visit to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Both places had been ravaged by flooding due to tropical rainstorms and/or hurricanes. The purpose of the visit may have been for humanitarian reasons to build morale. Adams said that when he arrived at these places, there was a certain mystique with his polo shirt that said “Mayor” on it. Then he went into speaking about how New York City has a brand, unlike Kansas.

The Mayor does have a point when he says NYC has a specific brand. To speak about the positives first, New York is the city of dreams. The big apple. A historic place where immigrants from Eastern Europe first made home. As the old saying goes… “if you can make it in New York, then you can make it anywhere”. New York City most certainly has a certain mystique to it. However, there is another side to the brand of the city. High crime, filthy living conditions, sky-high unaffordable rents, and rampant drug use are also associated with the city. A viral video of a rat carrying a slice of pizza on the subway a few years ago also pops into mind when people think of NYC.

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There was no need for Eric Adams to mention Kansas as if it is unworthy to be mentioned in the same breath as NYC. And if Adams wants to do such a thing, then he must also acknowledge the negativity associated with the city’s brand that he is partly responsible for.


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