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New Video Shows NYC Mayor Eric Adams Using Racial Slurs

Recently unearthed video shows New York City Mayor Eric Adams using racial slurs against whites back in 2019 while on the campaign trail. Adams has since apologized for the video. He also said that the context of the clip came from a question about police in which a racial slur was used. He says he simply quoted the word back at the person in his response. That doesn’t quite explain other racially-charged language Adams used in said clip, though.

Mainstream media have interestingly enough not touched this story with a ten-foot pole. So maybe the apology from Adams was enough. Of course, if the racial roles were reversed in this story, every news organization in the world would stand up and take notice. White political figures and even regular people have been ostracized for saying less. Joe Rogan, for example, has been forced to apologize for his use of the “n-word” on his podcast. Rogan, unlike Adams, never used any racial slurs in an adversarial or combative manner. The double standards of leftists have no bounds.

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The video was released by a political opponent of sorts from a BLM-related organization in NYC. Thomas Lopez-Pierre appeared on television and said that he did not share the video prior to his election because it may hurt his chances of winning. He says he’s released it now for a couple of reasons. First, it’s the social media age and he wanted the attention. Second, Eric Adams is speaking about strengthening the police which is something that Pierre-Lopez is against. If nothing else, this case represents the large divide between so-called “progressives” and common liberal politicians. However, one thing they both have in common is a general disregard for New York City’s wellbeing.


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