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New York City Opens Fancy Shelter For Single Adult Male Migrants

New York City has opened a shelter exclusively for single adult male migrants as a response to illegal aliens being bussed to the city. The Randalls Island Humanitarian Emergency Response Center is an 84,000-square-foot facility with beds for 500 men. The center is fully equipped with a lounge area featuring flat-screen TVs with video game consoles attached. There is also a cafeteria that serves three hot meals a day. The menu is “culturally-appropriate South American fare” to cater to all of the Spanish-speaking illegal aliens flooding the city.

Thousands of illegal aliens have been bussed from the Southern Border to New York City over the past few months. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has notoriously sent thousands of illegals to New York City, Chicago, and, of course, Martha’s Vineyard. DeSantis took a lot of heat for this strategy. The Democratic Mayor of El Paso, Texas has sent more illegals to New York City than Ron DeSantis as the Governor of Florida. The media has not said anything about the El Paso Mayor, though. Interesting.

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New York to Open Tent Camp for Migrants on Randalls Island – The New York Times

NYC Tent Shelter for Migrants Opens on Randall’s Island – Bloomberg

New York City to open giant tent shelter for migrants being bused in from southern border states – CBS News

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  1. These dirty lil spicks cozy in their little tax funded free ride dormitory vacation spot complete with full coarse exotic meals catered, medical, entertainment etc., meanwhile right outside there are thousands of homeless naturally born US citizen families begging for money to buy a happy meal for a buck so they can feed the kids and enjoy another night on a park bench. So yeah, fuck you muffin and your dirty brownie pathetic mexican relatives and all of the other illegal immigrants. USA! USA! USA! Pathetic.

  2. What about US citizens who have spouses and children abroad that are paying thousands upon thousands of dollars, going through the absurd interview process where they can be denied for wearing the wrong shoes or not knowing someones lucky number, having full body medical checks, credit checks and financial documents required, minimum income levels and sponsorship in the US, police reports and whatever else and waiting 2-4 years for just visa approvals? Should these people no longer bother with the legal immigration process? Instead our govt. is more worried about and providing care for illegals here for nothing but handouts on our tax dime. Like what the actual fxxk is going on! This administration is a joke. Our country has become a joke. Only none of it is funny to anyone but these scumbag criminals and righteous snowflakes like “MuffinMan” who think theyre entitled to anything and everything just because. Well, im here to say FXXK YOU right back! You will get what you have coming, just you watch and see.

  3. Heres an idea instead of wasting tax dollars and resources on these criminals, why not bus em right back to where they came from and then use that money to clear the tens of thousands of unsolved cold cases and the many decades long backlogs of pending cases you know all the ones we keep hearing about “theres no money to process these DNA/rape kits” maybe to actually solve crimes get violent criminals off the streets and for once do some good for our society? Nah lets just keep wasting tens of millions of dollars on helping criminals because as per usual criminals are the victims in America.


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