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Ulta Faces Boycott After Releasing Podcast About “Girlhood” Featuring Trans Hosts

Ulta Beauty partnered with TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney for an episode of their podcast called “The Beauty of Ulta”. The episode in question was “Episode 2: The Beauty of Girlhood”. The problem is that Mulvaney is a biological male and an adult. Dylan is not a boy or girl, he is an adult male. The cohost appearing alongside Dylan is a guy named David Lopez who identifies as “gender-fluid”. There was nobody else on camera speaking with these two biological males. Many Ulta customers found it offensive that two biological men appeared on a podcast to speak about girlhood when neither of them can actually know what it’s like to be a girl, let alone a woman.

It is not quite clear why Ulta chose these two individuals for that episode of their podcast. However, once one looks at the entire “Beauty of Ulta” list of upcoming episodes, a general theme is crystal clear. There is less of a focus on beautiful young women showing off makeup products. Their marketing is simply targeting the woke crowd with hyper-realism when it comes to body type but the exact opposite when it comes to human identity. A very small portion of the population actually has body and/or gender dysmorphia to the point where they feel like they need a sex change.

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