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New York Supreme Court Orders NYC To Reinstate Unvaccinated City Workers With Back Pay

The New York Supreme Court has ordered New York City to reinstate city workers who were fired for being unvaccinated. The court also ordered NYC to give them back pay for up to one year of unjustly missed pay. The ruling, in part, states that the vaccine cannot prevent the spread of the virus, therefore the stated purpose of the vaccine (preventing spread) is invalid. This news comes after a ton of court action and street protests surrounding the issue of forced vaccination.

Just a few months ago, the rules were much worse. Private workers, athletes, entertainers, and pretty much everyone else who made money in New York (legally) were required to be vaccinated. All of those rules dwindled away one by one until the vaccination requirement for city workers remained. It was odd to leave this last rule in place. But once the context of a legal battle is understood, then leaving the vaccination rule for city workers makes sense. And, of course, the New York Supreme Court struck that rule down with prejudice just a few days after the vaccination requirement for private workers was lifted.

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  1. NYC is and always has been the garbage dump of America, if not the entire world. Thousands of people infected and hundreds dying every single day in our country, but vaccinations, masks, quarantines pfff who needs em. Nobody gonna tell ME what to do! Freedom! LOL


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