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New Zealand Radio Host Laughs Hysterically At Climate Activist

A radio host laughed hysterically at New Zealand-based climate activist Izzy Cook during an on-air interview. The host was having a discussion with the young activist about actionable steps that could be taken to combat climate change.

Izzy Cook was asked about flying to Fiji from New Zealand and if that would be permissible during this time. After all, a flight from Auckland to Fiji would take about four hours. That is quite a bit of jet fuel to burn. Cook responded to the question by saying no, that it wouldn’t be a good idea at this time to go there. The host then asked Cook when was the last time she was on a plane, to which she responded “I don’t know, a few months ago”. The host then asked the million-dollar question “where did you go?” Cook responded, in a very shy fashion nearly whispering… “Fiji”. The host couldn’t hold in her laughter and the interview pretty much went downhill from there.

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It is ironic that a climate activist would tell someone to not do something that they did themselves. Cook’s excuse was that her parents went so she didn’t have a choice. This is typical of climate activist type of people. Al Gore is the prime suspect. He is the type of person to rail against people with large carbon footprints as he travels the globe in private planes. When he is not traveling in big carbon-emitting aircraft, he is lounging at his mansion which also has a very large carbon footprint. Al Gore and other climate charlatans such as Greta Thunberg do a lot to enrich themselves but very little to actually “protect” the planet.


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  2. 21st century halfwit media spoon fed social justice warriors don’t know their asses from holes in the ground and couldn’t be less bothered to learn some factual history, much less create their own. Get a life.


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