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No Black American Needs Maxine Waters to Forgive Them

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) who lives in a six million dollar mansion outside of the district she represents, has lashed out on black Trump voters, using the words “shameful” to describe them. During her interview with Joe Madison, the 82-year-old congresswoman said it “hurts” her how black people are turning out for the POTUS.

So did she offer advice to the many young black males who are riding the red wave? Rather, Waters continued on her rant about how President Donald Trump is a “racist” who doesn’t have respect for them.

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She didn’t address why these voters are walking away from the Democrat party. Nor did she offer a hint of humility to address the issues in her own party that could drive black voters away. Instead, Auntie Maxine pulled out the Democrat massa’s whip to berate those leaving the ideological plantation to embrace their freedom of thought.

As the old saying goes, you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. So why are Democrats like Maxine Waters shaming voters? While early voter turnouts are incredibly high across the nation, many people are waiting for Tuesday to cast their votes. Do we really think these voters would respond well to being chastised for their choice? Besides, is that not a form of voter oppression for a politician to guilt a voter for their decision? Some days I wish it were…

Democrats have it bad. They ask for more people to flip from red to blue while also berating Republican voters on the way to the ballot. It’s like the greaseball guy in high school who likes a really pretty girl, but when she turns him down he resorts to calling her a b**** because she isn’t “easy”. As most wise people would say, that girl dodged a bullet anyway.

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People are dodging the Democrats for the same reason. We didn’t forget that we were called deplorable, racists, and white supremacists among other egregious names. As for us black voters, it shouldn’t be surprising that being called racial slurs by the left enough times would make us dissociate from the likes of progressive and liberal friends who shame others for not engaging in political groupthink.

Besides, who has she actually helped during her 40+ years in office? Congressional candidate Joe Collins wrung her out and laid her to dry in the following tweet, calling out Maxine for being the hypocrite that she is.

But to suggest that you’ll never forgive us? Oh please, Auntie Maxine. Spare us the opportunity. No more will voters beg on their hands and knees for change. Not a single voter owes a career politician anything. Because Mean Maxine can go home to her estate, safe and sound, while the rest of her constituents struggle each day. She forgets that she works for we the people. And after decades of stagnant progress in black communities, it is truly the black voters’ forgiveness she should beg.

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