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Media LIES About The Biden Bus Interaction With Trump Trucks

Mainstream media has a very interesting take on the incident that occurred between a Biden campaign bus and a gathering of Trump supporters largely in pickup trucks on a Texas interstate. On Saturday of this past week, nearly 100 vehicles with pro-Trump flags and signs created an “escort” around a Joe Biden campaign bus as it left an event. The pro-Trump vehicles allegedly slowed the Biden bus down to as low as 20 miles per hour. Mainstream media, and Joe Biden, described this event as harassment. Obviously, not everyone sees it the same way.

One thing that needs to be made clear here is that nobody was hurt. The Biden campaign says the Trump supporters attempted to run the bus off of the road. With nearly 100 Trump supporters in decent-sized work trucks, pushing one passenger bus off of the road would be easy. That did not happen. If anything, the bus was safer being surrounded by Trump supporters than anyone else. The issue here is that one vehicle did get intentionally “bumped” by a Trump supporter’s truck.. but why?

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For some still-unknown reason, a white van (or SUV) drove up to the bumper of the Biden bus. The van did not have any flags or stickers and did not appear to be part of the Trump Truck escort. In order to drive up to the Biden bus’ bumper, the white vehicle veered into the lane of a pro-Trump truck. It looked like the van was trying to move the pro-Trump truck out of the way. But the pro-Trump truck simply nudged the much smaller white vehicle out of the way by simply shifting the vehicle with it’s driver side fender flare. But by the point the nudge happened, the white vehicle initiated vehicle-to-vehicle contact.

Since the Trump truck was identifiable and already labeled as “harassing” the Biden bus, then all Trump supporters on the interstate that day get the blame for the fender-bender. The media gobbles that up and then uses it in their never-ending war against common, everyday people who support Trump. The FBI even acknowledged that they are probing the situation in which Biden nor Kamala Harris were present and nobody got hurt. Donald Trump responded to the FBI investigation by saying those attending their own grassroots Trump truck rally did nothing wrong and that the FBI should focus on real political violence like ANTIFA.

Leftist media often demonizes Trump supporters as evil and violent, when the reality speaks to a different narrative. Most people on both sides are peaceful. But the majority of all political violence comes from the left. And it’s not close. Mainstream media keep attempting to paint false narrative with one-off anecdotal instances but they are losing that battle day by day.

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