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North Carolina Dad Brian Echevarria Blasts Local School Board Over CRT In Viral Video

North Carolina dad Brian Echevarria expressed his grievances with CRT and other issues at a local school board meeting in a fantastic way. Video featuring the father’s fiery words has now essentially gone viral. Millions of people have now watched the video. And it’s probably safe to say that most everyone who watched it identified with it in a personal way. Echevarria’s words were not necessarily political as they were just basic common sense from the mind of a parent.

Critical Race Theory is a serious problem in K-12 education. Children are often taught that their race is either inferior or superior. This is being done in the name of “progress” and “antiracism” when in reality… the measures taken promote the exact opposite. The best way to get beyond racism is to not focus on it. People should be judged by how they behave, not by their race.

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CRT is not the only issue that Echevarria, and other parents, have with current-day school systems across the country. Mask mandates are (or at least, were) another very serious problem. Young children going to school for the very first time in Kindergarten may have lost a critical year or two that is necessary for socialization. Looking at their peers with masks on robs them of the ability to understand facial expressions and communicate, therefore delaying their own development. The CDC even upgraded guidelines for toddlers at 24 months old to have learned at least 50 vocabulary words to 30 months. This is a clear sign that lockdowns and mandates have caused developmental issues in children.

Parents like Brian Echevarria understand that virus restrictions are unnecessary and harmful to children. His bold, yet brief, words at that school board meeting will resonate far and wide. He is also running for office locally. Needless to say, he probably has a good chance of winning.


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