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North Philly Gas Station Owner Hires Armed Private Security After Constant Criminal Activity

A North Philadelphia gas station owner has hired private armed security after several criminal incidents that have happened there and nearby. The store and nearby neighborhood have been dealing with a plague of criminality for some time now. Constant drug deals and vandalism have caused a situation where people do not feel safe, especially at night. Customers are deterred from coming and the store racks up heavy expenses from damaged vehicles, equipment, inventory loss inside of the store, and much more.

The store owner came up with the solution of hiring private armed security to patrol the store. The result, according to locals, has been a dramatic reduction in crime. The problems the store was facing have pretty much gone away. To the outside world, the presence of visibly armed guards holding long weapons might be shocking. Residents of the community, however, are generally thankful to have a reduction in crime… even if it is just in that one area. Some reduction is better than none at all.

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