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Van Jones Apologizes On Behalf Of The Black Community Over Kanye West’s Recent Comments

Van Jones spoke before a largely Jewish audience in New York and took it upon himself to apologize for Kanye (Ye) West’s recent behavior. To be more specific, Jones apologized on behalf of the black community for their collective “silence” on how offensive Kanye has been. These comments were made as part of a large speech that emphasized the importance of a good working relationship between blacks and Jews our “Democracy” in the United States.

Jones got a great reaction from the audience as he spoke live. There are many others who are applauding him online and in the general public. Many people, especially in the “black community” take offense to what he said. They say that he should not speak for them or make it seem like they have done something wrong. From their point of view, whatever Kanye West said is what he said and not for them to defend or answer for in any way. It is unfair to attach some sort of wrongdoing to a group of people just because they did not collectively disavow Kanye West’s comments.

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