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NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Wins EMMY For Virus Briefings

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo wins an International Emmy for his 111 daily consecutive virus briefings that he held from March 2nd to June 19th, 2020. The International Academy released a statement about Cuomo’s award which says, in part, that the Governor was able to create what amounts to television shows with characters and plot lines. The Academy also said that Cuomo delivered a reassuring messaged and promoted the idea of “New York Tough.” However, not everyone agrees with The Academy’s assertion of Cuomo’s press conferences.

Janice Dean of Fox News immediately responded to the news of Cuomo’s win by referencing her husband’s parents who died in a New York nursing home. Dean’s tragic loss is just one story of many involving nursing home virus deaths in New York. New York has come under fire for their state directive which ordered nursing homes to take virus patients. The aftermath of this directive has been devastating. New York remains the epicenter of virus deaths in the country. At one point, maybe even now, New York has more virus deaths than the rest of the United States combined.

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Award shows have seen a dip in relevance and importance over the past few years. This is due, in large part, to their acquiescence to social pressure. If an award is given out due to things that are important to leftists instead of talent or actual achievement, then the award is meaningless. Cuomo may have gotten the award as a reward for pushing virus propaganda and fear. Not so much because his press briefings were awe-inspiring and greatly produced nor calming and reassuring.


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